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  • Helpline no:+91 8286531418.

About crime and corruption control organisation

Crime and corruption control association is a name of Crime and Corruption killer team, operating across India with support of good officers and powerful legal team. It is an Non Government Organization (NGO) that operates independently and playing a significant role in the Services of our Country and to make our Society crime and corruption free and safe.
We have take urgent step & Investigation for Crime and Corruption and playing a powerful role in Curtailing Corruption in different government departments. We help local, National and even International Law enforcement Officials in their constant effort to curtail the activities of Crime Syndicates, rackets, Organized gangs, smuggles and law breaking in general.
crime and corruption control organisation is a people's movement through people's Force against crime, corruption and anti-national elements. crime and corruption control organisation is an independent agency that brings public grievances. crime and corruption control organisation is an organisation of public which provides the public a platform to raise its voice against crime, corruption, injustice, terrorism, social and national evils effectively by the powerful mode of journalism. For this cause.

Who can join ?

Any person, who is disciplined, attained :he age to majority and willing to serve the nation (no restrictions on the basis of caste, creed religion, Party or Sex) may join crime and corruption control association to serve to society and nation by become member of any category.

Definition of various Membership categories

  1. Members will be provided with attractive I-cards / Certificates according to their membership categories.
  2. Each Membership category will bear a definite authority and area of work.
  3. Facilities, Training, Responsibilities / authorities and work will be provided / allocated according to the Membership category.
  4. members can bring any matter of social interest in the cognizance of any person of administrative cr political status. members may also, in their capacity, give ultimatum to a person involved in anti-social and, anti-national activities and may also inspire him/her for his/her betterment.
  5. Memberships cf higher categories may take up t.-e matters relating crime, corruption and other anti-social and unethical activities to various police / vigilance officers at State / District level.
  6. One time registration fees:- Rs.5000 Renewal charges- Rs.1500 (second year onwards )